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NEU Plastics Malaysia

NEU Plastics Malaysia is a manufacturer of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and Polypropylene (PP) sheets. With its in house production facilities, including sheet extrusion, steel fabrication, CNC routings, and 4,700 square meter storage facilities, NEU Plastics is the most complete HDPE and PP extrusion manufacturer in Malaysia to offer one stop solution in playground, park and recretional needs, including design, consultancy, fabrication, installation and maintenance.

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Malaysia High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Sheets Production with CNC Machine

Facilities & Services

With the aid of our innovative and advanced manufacturing facilities backed by a dedicated team of experts, we have served various industries covering Architecture and Design, Building and Construction, Partition and Furniture, Machinery and more. Learn more about us by reading some of our vital production process below:

HDPE Sheets Extrusion Process

In year 2005, the company acquired the latest know-how to improve plastic sheets production process, in sheet extrusion technology that includes the ability to produce the dual colour -triple layer sheets.

HDPE Extrusion Belting System Extrusion Processing Machine for HDPE HDPE Sheets Extrusion Process Extrusion Process for HDPE Manufacturing High Tech HDPE Extrusion Processing Machine

At Neu Plastics, we offer more than High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) sheets. We offer other value added services such as designing, CNC routing and engraving, cutting, fabricating, plastics welding and thermoforming for our clients' convenience to get the products done under one roof.

CNC Routing and Engraving

CNC Routing and Engraving

CNC Machine : Cyber Chin Up RingHDPE Sheet CNC Machine

With the Computer Numerical Control or CNC Machine, we are able to cut the HDPE sheets into any design that is being drawn. Also, using the CNC Machine, our Engraving on Dual colour HDPE Sheets make the graphics and wording become outstanding and the engraving would last permanently without peeling off. We can engrave any wordings including non-English wordings such as Greek, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Russian and etc., graphics, signs and etc. Just send us the drawing in CAD format, and we will do the rest.


Custom HDPE Thermoforming Thermoforming HDPE Outdoor HDPE Sheet Manufacturing for Outdoor Use HDPE Thermoforming Machine

All HDPE sheets produced by NEU Plastics can definitely be thermoformed. However, the ideal thickness for thermoforming is 2 – 12 mm depending on the capability of the thermoforming machines. The HDPE sheets will be heated up and then being formed into desired shapes.

Plastics Welding Plastics Welding

HDPE Plastics Welding Malaysia HDPE Welding Rods for Plastic Welding HDPE Joint Panels with no bolts and nuts

Besides extruding the HDPE Sheets, we extrude HDPE welding rods for plastics welding too. The plastics welding method is a low cost yet strong way to join the HDPE panels or parts together where there will be no more bolts and nuts needed.

Quality Control
Quality Control
Checking HDPE Specifications HDPE Quality Control Checking HDPE Measurements Quality Control

Both High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) sheets and fabricated products will undergo a stringent quality control process before sending to our delivery yard. Each and every HDPE sheet will be measured to ensure the sizes produced are within the tolerance range. At the sametime, colour tones and flatness will also be checked.

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