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NeuAS (TPE Anti Skid)

NeuAS refers to our Anti Skid HDPE Sheet that comes with a layer of rubberized thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) surface specially produced for the Marine Industries for their Marine Application

Our Anti Skid HDPE Sheet is developed primarily for such Marine Application use as Safety Flooring or decking, stairway and etc in yachts, boats, and anywhere a slip-resistant surface is desired. Unlike traditional flooring, our NeuAS Sheet does not cause splinter, crack, delaminate, decay and swell and yet, retain its beauty even after years of heavy foot traffic, wet conditions, and any harsh marine conditions.

Besides Safety Flooring, our NeuAS offers very high UV stabilized advantage compared to other materials, ensuring that the colour of the deck or floor would not fade under the strong sun exposure in the middle of the sea. It is also a homogeneous material that would not have any chemical reaction against cleaning solutions.


Application Examples:

Boat decks, Steps and other marine application that needs anti skid solution for the slippery and wet surface, Flooring, Scaffolding platform and etc. 

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