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NeuUltra – Ultra Smooth Surface

The NeuUltra is an ultimate Ice Skating system that look like “ICE” but does not melt. It is an artificial or Synthetic Ice Rink Solution  that specially designed for tropical environment. And here at Neu Plastics, we can be your Synthetic Ice Rink Manufacturer for a LESS EXPENSIVE and HASSLE FREE Ultimate Ice Skating system.

A privately owned ice skating rink is no longer a dream. Now everyone can afford to have an “ice skating” system in their own yard. Our Synthetic Ice Rink is made from precision engineered ultra, high density polyethylene(HDPE) sheets specially made in-house at our own factory which will not warp, crack, splinter or corrode. This special ultra thin sheet is thus known as NeuUltra sheet, providing the same gliding effect as real ice, guaranteeing ‘real ice' skating sensation at all time.It is suitable for commercial and residential use.

The smooth surface of NeuUltra Sheet helps reduce friction during high speeds skating and prevents overheating blades. It has the absolute grip for great maneuverability, tight turns, accelerations and stops. This Ultimate Ice Skating system from NeuPlastics Ice Rink Manufacturer has excellent durability and remains in good condition for years and most impoertantly,it can be custom made to your precise size, shape, colour and dimensions specification .


  • Much lower maintenance costs (no electricity, no ice maintenance cost, no refrigeration)
  • Safer compare to real ice due to the high degree of impact absorption of fall
  • Reusable
  • Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor
  • Easy to install and dismantle
  • Environmental Friendly
  • Self-lubricated
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