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NeuSafe represents our Fire Retardant HDPE Sheets which comes with class 1 and class 2 fire retardant features. The NeuSafe Sheet with high fire resistant grades of HDPE is engineered for low ignitability, low flame spread and low head and smoke emission. 

Our Fire Retardant HDPE Sheets are widely used in the construction and building industries with high fire rating requirement and one of the common applications is by mean of HDPE Solid Plastic Toilet Partition. Our HDPE Toilet Partition can withstand high temperature conditions and can be catered to a variety of design. Furthermore, the coloured NeuSafe Sheet needs no paint and will not rust. The graffiti can be cleaned by using chemical solution avoiding the need to repaint, hence keep the maintenance costs down.


Application Examples:

Toilet Partition, Urinal Screen, Dressing Compartment, Lockers and etc. 

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