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NeuLite – Closed Cell Lightweight

NeuLite is a Closed Cell (foamed) HDPE Sheet that has lighter weight compared to other materials, which is an excellent, cost effective material for many different application. Amongst the all, Closed Cell HDPE Sheet or NeuLite Sheet is specially dedicated to the construction industry as it is ideal for shock absorbing, vibration dampening, barriers, noise reduction medium, floatation equipment as well as other application that the Standard HDPE offered. 

It is noteworthy that our NeuLite is an ideal solution in building a sound barrier to reduce the noise impact from sound sources like construction sites, roads, highways, factories and etc, and which, affecting the public areas like schools, hospitals, parks, office buildings and residential home. Our HDPE Sound Barrier is strong, sturdy, waterproof and has significant impact in reducing the noise impact. Our HDPE Sound Barrier also applies on smaller areas like toilet and restroom which is recognized by many businesses as the Plastic Toilet Partitions. Our Plastic Toilet Partitions not only looked stylish but functional, durable and virtually maintenance-free.


Application Examples:

Sound Barrier, Floating Elements, Formwork Systems, Playground Equipment Components, Decorative Elements, Toilet Partition, Prototype, Flooring, Furniture, Signage, Receptacle, Thermoformed Parts, Skate Ramps, Accessing Ramps and etc.

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