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NeuPF (Food Grade HDPE)

NeuPF (Food Grade HDPE)

NeuPF refers to our range of sanitized, FDA Approved Plastic Materials or FDA Approved HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) Sheets for food contact. The FDA Approved HDPE Sheets are common inexpensive Plastic Materials which widely used in food processing, kitchen furniture and a variety of food related applications.

One of the most common applications of our NeuPF Sheet is in the producing of cutting boards. This material is textured on both sides with a typical cutting board surface treatment. It offers advantages that are superior to wood cutting board because its dishwasher safe, lightweight, stain resistant, impact resistant, non-chipping, non-absorbent, and chemical resistant. Also, due to its non-toxic material, as well as moisture and odour resistance, our NeuPF Sheet makes a popular plastic in the producing of commercial kitchens, restaurants as well as household kitchen cabinets and etc. 

Application Examples :

Cutting Boards, Kitchen Counters, Kitchen Shelves and also as a protective surface in the food processing industries.

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