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NeuPE – High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)

NeuPE represents our Solid HDPE Sheets that comes in both single and double layer(s). They are known as the Solid HDPE Sheets due to their high strength and excellent impact resistance, which manufactured in-house using the latest Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines. The NeuPE Sheet offered by us, is material safety, extremely durable with low maintenance requirement that can withstand any harsh weather conditions, be it hot or cold, wet or dry, calm or stormy.

Our NeuPE Sheet is extruded and beautifully coloured with attractive single or dual colour(s) which is why they are also known as the Single or Dual Coloured HDPE Sheet. Due to its best durability, high colour stability and versatility backed by high safety standard, our colourful Single and Dual Coloured HDPE Sheet is the ideal choice for indoor and outdoor furniture as well as for decorative applications. They make the best playground equipment components for children playground such as slide, safety stair, spring rider, Tic Tac Toe panel, flooring; as well as sculptures, decorative roof and signage. Apart from that, our HDPE Sheets are also recognized as the best indoor and outdoor partition board as cabinets for books, file, shoes and so on.

Application Examples :

Playground Equipment Components, Decorative Elements, Toilet Partition, Prototype, Flooring, Furniture, Signage, Receptacle, Thermoformed Parts, Skate Ramps, Accessing Ramps and any customization are welcomed.

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